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For the past decade, Mr. Curtis has extensively researched, performed and lectured on the use of the arts to teaching life skills, along with utilizing his skill and knowledge as a performer to serve as a voice and performance coach. Using his background as a singer, writer, and actor in combination with his love for hip hop, Charles' goals are always to help artists to enhance their craft, but also to become better individuals as well. 

Mr. Curtis is worth every penny and minute spent in his presence. As an expert in his craft, he awakens the best out of you. His coaching skills fit to your form of artistry and leaves a lasting impression on that creates a life time of transformation of your craft.

E.L.I (Energy Lives Inifinite) - Singer/Songwriter

It's not just a two hour session. It's not just preparing you for your next showcase. My life as a teaching artist and performance coach is to constantly think of ways to further your career. Ways to evolve what you are into what you dream of becoming. My job is to prepare you for your career, and the responsibility of achieving that is as much yours as it is mine.

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