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Charles Curtis is an emerging playwright, but is steadily making ground. Mr. Curtis first gained national attention at the 2011 National Black Theatre Festival where his stage play, "Like Peeling an Onion" was selected as one of the 28 featured works in the Reader's Series of New Plays. Since that time, Curtis had served as a commissioned playwright, a playwrighting scholarship receipient from Axial Theatre, and has had productions selected to perform at the 2014 DC Black Theatre Festival, 2016 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival and 2017 Fresh Fruit Festival.

Mr. Curtis is available for the challenge of writing any new work for your theatre/organization and can work within any budget. Email to inquire or book Mr. Curtis for your next production.

Under the directorship of Charles Curtis I had the blessing of growing and honing my craft as a performer. He challenges your thinking, and as an audience member the story never ends as you might expect. He is a marvelous teacher, performer, and thoughtful friend on and off the stage and there are no limits to the drive and ambition he exudes.

Michal - Singer/Actress


A detective turned modern day vigilante, a lawyer with an ulterior motive, and the strings that bind them both. While Derek prepares to defend the man he just met, they each find that neither is truly innocent. This show speaks of friendship, race, a corrupt system, and that no matter how fast we run our past catches up with us eventually. CLICK HERE to visit the STRINGS website.

** Nominee - Best Play: 2016 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival

The power and intensity of Charles Curtis' riveting piece, STRINGS, was palpable. The Fresh Fruit Festival -- always presenting quantity works, surpassed itself with this play as a choice.

Like Peeling an Onion

After the unexpected death of David Greene, his family and friends realize that his life was more of a mystery than his death.

The goals for this show is to live each day to the fullest, love and appreciate those around you, and understand that one's sexuality, circumstances, or situation does not define a person.

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